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Development of corporate blogs for a crypto startup



Our colleagues from Hacken.io cybersecurity platform entrusted us with the design and development of blogs for company’s 2 branches: HackenProof and CryptoExchangeRanks.

We had 3 weeks for releasing both blogs. The task was to sustain the same style without creating two similar sites.


We created one universal WordPress solution for both blogs, that in two times sped up the release of the second blog. The processes were performed simultaneously from the very beginning in order to meet the deadline.

Hubspot and MailChimp were integrated for communication with the readers.

On the server side, along with the caching and compression configuration, PageSpeed image optimization module for Nginx was deployed.


The first blog was released 2 weeks after the beginning of the work, and the second one – a week later.
We managed to achieve a difference in the blogs’ design, adding a unique character to each one and having retained the company’s style at the same time. Thanks to the handy admin panel, editors keep creating highly readable materials for their audience.


  • quote

    The guys from Dagamma managed to create two products, which fully complied with the requirements, in three weeks. The collaboration took place remotely, which helped to save the time. The customer-centric approach of the company and Kostiantyn’s competent management helped to solve the assigned tasks promptly and with the benefit for the products.
    The technical implementation of the sites meets the modern requirements of SEO and gives us the opportunity to focus on preparing high-quality content, rather than on technical aspects.


    Ivan Gotsko


    CMO, Hacken.io

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