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Numerous websites migration to the WordPress, including the creation of their server environment



Over the years, the client has collected about 20 sites that were developed by different contractors in different environments, and, of course, had a completely different structure.

Our task was to transfer all company’s websites to WordPress and configure a single server environment for them, and further technical support.


We could not prepare a server environment only for WordPress since some of the sites had to be transferred to a centralized platform from the very beginning of the collaboration. In this regard, we have configured a universal solution for all types of client site technologies.

Further, in the course of work, as soon as the migration of one resource was completed – we archived the original and replaced it with a new version.


Two web servers and two database servers were deployed in a cloud to ensure the websites stable operation. Synchronization of files and configs was set for web servers, and Master-Slave replications – for database servers. Load balancer was configured along with the ability to connect sites to different database servers.

A system of backups of configs, websites, databases were implemented together with an alert system that allows monitoring problems that may arise during the synchronization of server data, backups, work of servers and each individual website.


We faced a problem that many resources did not have source files, or they did not correspond to production versions. To finalize these sites we have involved specialists on technologies of a particular resource. Also, one of the resources only allowed WordPress to be connected through the REST API.


Some sites had damaged modules, the correct display of which was left to guess or there were bugs interfering with the comfortable browsing, and some of the solutions were simply outdated. During the audits of such resources, we have eliminated critical problems and made several improvements.


We created from scratch a secure and automated infrastructure on a cloud solution. We transferred all the websites to WordPress, making the management of each resource equally simple and convenient. During the consultations, we finalized the optimization and introduced innovations. We have provided and continue to provide technical support.


  • quote

    We came to Dagamma with a task that we really wanted someone to take and fulfill from the beginning to the end, despite its complexity. You know, when you have a bunch of problems and you want someone to come up with a solution. That’s exactly what happened.
    We had 19 websites: corporate and branded. All of them were written in different languages and hosted on different platforms, most of them didn’t have CMS, some didn’t even have the source files. And this is just a brief description of the situation, rather than the problems that were encountered in the process.
    The task was to implement all the websites on a single CMS, to find the best hosting solution, take control of the resources and provide technical support. Dagamma specialists did an excellent job with all the tasks, ahead of the deadline and within the allocated budget.
    If you would ask me whether I could recommend Dagamma as a technical partner to solve problems of varying complexity, I would say “Yes”.


    Valentina Agisheva


    Digital manager, New Products Group

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