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News website development



The client had an idea of a news portal that would not feature anything extra – only the current news. During the discussions, the idea became a full-fledged implementation plan and its technical side was fully assigned to us.

We had one and a half month until the first release, and, taking into account the project’s plans for the future, the website needed to be very fast from the very beginning.


In order to ensure website’s fast performance, we decided to implement the SPA format (single page application). Thanks to it, information is loaded without page reloading when browsing the website.

A cloud web-server and database server were configured for the website operation. The solution successfully manages site load and allows easy scaling if necessary.


The design is focused on the news feed, excluding almost everything that could draw the user’s attention from it. We took care of mobile device users as well, making the consumption of content on mobile devices as convenient as on a desktop.



Currently, version 1.0 is available, but a lot of work is planned for the future. With help of a handy admin panel news is already being published every minute.


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    With Dagamma, you can go through all stages of business development with confidence, from development to maturity. We have successfully launched a couple of projects, and, no matter which difficulties we faced, the guys always responded promptly and offered a win-win solution.


    Petr Zhuravel


    CEO Only News

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